Friday, November 11, 2011

What men really want to hear from you on a date

By Robert W. Harris

Don’t get me wrong: In general, men are in awe of women’s date-night conversation skills — which are, hands down, far superior to their own. Even so, though, you ladies do still insert your stiletto’d foot in your mouth every once in awhile — or, conversely, miss prime opportunities to make a remark that would raise your stock in our eyes. Curious about whether you’ve got the right choice phrases in your back pocket and avoiding the bad ones? Check out this list of things guys love (and hate) to hear on a date!

Five things men love to hear on a date:

1. “Then what happened?”
It’s only human for a man to want to think that his life is reasonably interesting. And while interrupting him, changing the subject, or acting bored are well-known nails in the conversational coffin, it’s not enough to just sit there, smile and say “uh-huh” every few seconds. Actively egg him on with comments like, “You’re kidding! What happened next?” or “Go on...” That way, he’ll know you’re genuinely interested versus just being polite.

3. “Thank you.”No doubt about it, manners matter — and are sorely lacking in today’s less formal dating scene. Tap into your inner Emily Post, and it’s sure to make you stand out. So, thank him when he tells you that you look pretty tonight. Thank him for paying for dinner. Thank him for walking you to your car. It’s such a small thing, but it’ll make a huge difference to him


My take: So why am I offering Mr. Harris's dating advice? Am I an ex-dating expert myself?
Well of course not. I just think that dating ettiquette is an interesting subject. Like most men
and most women too, I know what I like in dating behavior from my date. I can add one
definite dating NO-NO. Don't ask the woman for financial "chip ins" for the dinner tab. Just
don't. Don't even, unless it is an emergency, ask her to leave the tip. If you do, she my
leave you a general dating tip you don't want to hear. Believe me.

 At my level of maturity, I mainly have to worry not to "date myself" by my
 remarks anywhere. Now that can be embarrassing. You know like saying, "when I was
a teenager we worried about World War I looming, Such a statement makes you look
older and lacking the quality of being hip.

Happy dating!

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