Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ron Paul on "The View"

Ron Paul stating some of his positions on "The View"

I am currently reading Liberty Defined by Texas Congressman Ron Paul
on my Kindle; it is very informative about his beliefs on the Constitution, a
subject that he is an expert on. Learn more about this man running for the
Presidency in 2012 on the Republican ticket.

Start by reading what Representative Paul says in his book about bipartisan-
ship, his analysis being very thought-provoking and refreshing. Very!

Ron Paul on Wikipedia

The above is a surprising look at a politician, who is anything but typical,
commonplace, and ordinary; he is amazing in his thoughts, actions, goals,
and beliefs. He wants America returned
to  traditional American values for itself
and  our citizens.

He is among other things a fiscal
conservative, (government should spend
less )a person who believes in constitutional
 rights, keeping America out of other  countries'  business, and one who believes that government  must refrain from  butting into the personal lives of its citizens.

Find out more about the sane and productive political goals of Ron Paul. He is
amazingly and positively different and citizen-oriented. He ran for the Presidency
in 1988 and 2008.

Bob Hoff

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